Small Business Employee Mental Health Services

Wellness Oriented

Maintaining employee wellness increases employee retention through work/life balance and job satisfaction

Local & Affordable

Although insurance plans may be out of reach for your business right now, we offer a close-to-home option for your company's mental health!

Small, local businesses today are value-oriented and people first. Due to rising costs of health insurance, it may be challenging to put together your preferred benefits package for your employees. You want to care for your employees well-being not only for reduction in absences, employee retention and attracting quality candidates, but also because you want to provide the same care to your employees that they give to your products and services.

Typically, Employee Assistance Programs are offered by larger corporations, and often found within the package of a health insurer. They offer low-cost short term care and services to employees. Some sizeable companies hire a psychotherapist on-staff as a means to reduce burnout, absences and increase retention. In both cases, all services are confidential for employees and meant to contribute to a greater work/life balance.


Our Programs: We provide mental health counseling, assessments and referrals throughout New York State, though we are at home nestled in the Hudson Valley. All care is provided virtually offering convenience for you and your employees. We typically provide short term therapy (2-4 sessions per year per issue) for your employees. We provide substance use and risk assessments as well as referrals to local resources for high needs. Although confidentiality is maintained for your employees, utilization data can be provided. Programs and services can vary based on your company's needs. Please call or email for specifics and rates.